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The Dentist's Choice Franchise

The Dentist's Choice, headquartered in Southern California, was the first to franchise the dental handpiece repair opportunity in the mid-1990s. We have held a leading market position over the years due to the strength of our management team. We’ve steadily grown our network and have added new owners year after year. Today, we are proud to be the world's leading franchise network of locally-owned dental handpiece repair businesses. We boast over 140 locations serving more than 10,000 dentists throughout North America and a spotless reputation for outstanding service and reliability.

The Dentist's Choice™ franchisees are well received by the dental community because the service they provide is local, personalized and professional. Dentists are quick to embrace the personal pick-up and delivery, quick response time, affordable price and 90-day guarantee of replacement parts and workmanship.

About Us

Unlike Any Handpiece Franchise Anywhere

Every franchise owner is provided the tools, education and support to succeed!

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“I’ve Been A Franchisee for the last 18 years, The Potential of Growth is Limitless.”

The Dentist's Choice™ offers the franchisee a complete complement of support services to ensure the success of every owner. The course curriculum includes instruction in all types of handpieces. Training includes education in the mechanical principles of handpiece operation, as well as detailed repair procedures for all major brands. The Dentist's Choice™ provides a Marketing & Sales Manual, complete with illustrative how-to examples for marketing our service.



Fact 1

No Van Needed

Increase profit margins with lower overhead.

Fact 2

Largest Protected Territory

We offer the largest protected territories compared to all dental repair franchises.

Fact 3

Lowest Royalty

Our royalties are less than half of other handpiece repair franchises.

Fact 4

SBA Pre-Approved Franchise

We are an SBA Pre-Approved Franchise, which means candidates can qualify for up to 150k SBA express loans.